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Class Descriptions

Sunday Devotion

Sundays at 9am and 5pm, $25

Have a personal experience with Spirit in a non-denominational setting. The guests need only close their eyes, relax, and receive. Rev. Kristin leads the group with guided meditation and the tones of Gongs, Crystal Bowls, vocals, and Shruti Box while channeling Reiki. With the benevolent invocation of the four sacred directions & the four elements, Divine Love, Power, and Wisdom is channeled for the group. Through Ceremony, each guest will commune with their personal spiritual team: Guardians, Guides, and Healed Ancestors.


Reiki does not conflict with any religion or belief system because it has no dogma.

Sound Meditation

Tuesdays at 7pm, $20

All abilities are invited to join Sound Meditation, an inactive form of meditation that only requires listening. Welcome the vibrations of the instruments to clear and reset your nervous system for holistic health.

Private Events

Devotion Studio is available for private parties. Let us help you celebrate!


Private or group Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions can be personalized to your intentions. 

Full Moon Ceremony

Semi-Monthly, check our calendar, $30

Full Moon, Full Release. Are you ready to free your subconscious of what no longer serves you? Tap into the power of the Full Moon with this immersive Sound Bath with Reiki. Together, we will create personal affirmations of what we wish to let go.

New Moon Ceremony

Semi-Monthly, check our calendar, $30

New Moon, New Intentions. What is your Highest Good calling in to manifest? How are you moving towards your Soul's destiny? 

Allow yourself to fully immerse in this deeply relaxing Sound Bath with Reiki. Together, we will create personal affirmations clarifying our intentions for the next moon cycle.

Vinyasa Yoga

The Sanskrit word “Vinyasa” means to place in a special way.  Join Pritam Bani as she leads this slow to medium movement class with special emphasis on alignment, posture, and breath.  Meditative breathing and stretching is weaved in helping you to center and find your inner peace.  Yogis of different levels of practice are welcome, modifications for poses are generously offered.  Soothing sound bath follows the practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the practice of stillness. In a world of non-stop movement, take a break and treat yourself to serenity and tranquility. Longer held poses are designed to lengthen the fascia of the body; fascia is what binds muscle to bone. With age, injury, and emotional trauma, our fascia becomes less flexible. Yin Yoga works to lengthen the fascia to allow trapped energy to be freed. Find peace and calm in this meditative practice. No yoga experience is needed to reap the benefits of this amazing practice.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga restores what is natural and innate within us - the ability to relax. Relaxation occurs when your body and mind are at rest. Restorative Yoga helps us live in the world and drop out of the stress of life by enhancing our parasympathetic nervous system.  Drop into a Restorative Yoga class, your body will thank you.  * This class is limited to 6 participants per session.

Kundalini Yoga 

"No Mud, No Lotus.” Tap into your unique power through the awareness practices of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga utilizes Mudras (hand positions), chanted Mantras, Bhandas (body locks), and eye focus in a precise manner to awaken the innate energy of the spine and create a desirable internal energy flow. These exercises are delivered through specific sequences (Kriyas) and meditation. If you are seeking a mystical yoga practice or searching for the truth within yourself, Kundalini Yoga offers a path to fulfill your spiritual destiny. 

Special Events require pre-registration as space is limited.

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